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Sunday, 3 June 2012


A very shiny day in Choisy Le Roi on Saturday morning. A beautiful weather in spring..! A brocante were held here in my place...yupie!!!

I wan't to share about what we call it in Fance "Brocante" .  A brocante in English is a flea market that sells secondhand goods. It's also like a garage sale or sometimes people call it a car boot sale.
There were many participants opened a booth for each one seeling goods like cloth, books, antiques,  glassware, toys, shoes, jeweleries, furnitures and many more. Here's some pictures of brocante that I took yesterday.

You know what??! It' s  not in Choisy Le Roi only.. A brocante take at many places all over Paris every week! Wooohoooo!! Those who like to go and search something that is rare and antique, don't miss it fella!! Take a look at these picture. These are my friend's bought at the brocante.

As mine., I was interested in toys..of course for  my dearest three precious..huhuuuu.. Here's what we got! !

10 euro only..

5 euro 

5 euro

So cheap..right..?!!..So, when you come over to Paris don't forget to visit one of the weekly activity of francais. Google up to search where a brocante will be held on that particular day.. until next time..Bonne revoir..


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  1. the smart solution to throw away your things..